Being a lover of the Victorian Era we want to share in our own way the amazement of the past, the chaos of the time travel and the Fantastic in the future... from Lace & Mourning to Apocalyptic & leather.... Does what we wear define us ? or who we truly are exudes from us...

White Warrior Costume

costume farrah.jpg
costume farrah.jpg

White Warrior Costume


White Warrior Costume complete with Spear.. Top is Mink can be worn as a small with inserts to a size 38 bra top.

Bottom skirt is adjustable with mink tails, leather and fabric.

Spear is Bamboo with plastic crystals.

Email steampunkworks@gmail.com for more info


Model Farrah Difulio

Photographer - Jam Packed Studios Toney T Tapp.

Please email or call for more info and shipping

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Spear, Mink Top & Skirt included... This rental is for 1 week.