Being a lover of the Victorian Era we want to share in our own way the amazement of the past, the chaos of the time travel and the Fantastic in the future... from Lace & Mourning to Apocalyptic & leather.... Does what we wear define us ? or who we truly are exudes from us...

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"DEAD STILL" A Booth Brothers Film on SyFy Channel

After meeting Christopher Saint Booth & Philip Adrian Booth at Scarefest in 2013 ... we had the joy of making conversation about the Victorian Era and all it's glory.  From the wonderful aesthetics to the macabre. They let us in on their story of a very creepy yet magnificent Camera that was inhabited by a very evil spirit..... They told us this would be showing on the SyFy Channel, you can imagine our excitement.

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Upon the death of his great grandfather, Brandon Davis a wedding photographer inherits an antique camera famous for taking Victorian death photography. After photographing his subjects they start to die from horrible, bizarre deaths.



 Philip Adrian Booth


 Philip Adrian Booth


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We were excited to participate as we LOVE Victorian Clothing and have collected for many years. After many phone calls, emails and texts we found all the pieces necessary for this film.. Authentic Victorian Garb, all Mourning pieces... Some were in a bit of disarray but as they would be on actors already dead or close it was ok, hehe a little humor amongst the gore of the film... Then Christopher contacted us asking if we could make a cape somewhere between Batman & Jack the Ripper..

I called my trusty amazingly talented friend Karen von Oppen from KVO Design and for the next 72 hourse, we laughed, we sat on the floor, we didn't sleep... but we made an amazing cape complete with pockets for weapons, satin lined, magnificent Cape. Mr Ray Wise wore this piece which will thrill me for a long time. The cape and clothes are mostly at our shop in Audubon, NJ along with Dr's bags, medical tools, glass eyes and other specialty props sent to the set for filming.

This was an awesome exciting moment for us as we established ourselves on film and plan to do much more.

Thank you Christopher & Philip for the priviledge working with you & Thank you SyFy for the opportunity... Hope to do more with you in the future.

Lee & Ralph