Being a lover of the Victorian Era we want to share in our own way the amazement of the past, the chaos of the time travel and the Fantastic in the future... from Lace & Mourning to Apocalyptic & leather.... Does what we wear define us ? or who we truly are exudes from us...

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We are so thrilled to have amazing friends that have begun this fundraiser for my daughter .. Raychel was diagnosed a year ago with MS, it became very progressive to the point where she's been in hospitals more than home significantly.. 9 months out of the last year shes spent in hospital beds, having seizures, paralyzed at times and even blind at times.

Her insurance has finally agreed to some of the treatments but still have left us with amazing costs to overcome. They gave her a wheelchair but difficult to maneuver, her cousin gave her one that is pretty awesome to use so now just need the wheels for approx $400...

They won't pay for some of her dental and some equipment she could use .. We've both taken time away from our jobs with Steampunk Works to give her the 24/7 care she needs and love spending time with her.. Whatever you can give is so much appreciated.

A $1. is AWESOME !!!

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