Being a lover of the Victorian Era we want to share in our own way the amazement of the past, the chaos of the time travel and the Fantastic in the future... from Lace & Mourning to Apocalyptic & leather.... Does what we wear define us ? or who we truly are exudes from us...



Whether we are at the shop located:

117 W Merchant St           Audubon, NJ 08106

or Vending at an event, we always check our emails.

Please contact for any needs, questions concerning stock, Custom orders, Rentals and more





For immediate contact please call between 9AM EST & 11PM EST

Ralph Cobert - CFO/Director of Operations & Sales

856-383-4676 leave a message, your call will be returned within 3 hours                                                       steampunkworks@gmail.com

Lee Cobert - Lead Designer/ Events Coordinator

856-381-7110, leave a message M-F 10am-8pm 


Summer Shop Hours -

Please call for appt if these times do not fit your schedule

Wed - Friday 12pm - 6pm

Saturday 12pm – 4pm